The People 

 Jon Solomon and Lorraine Hough have been growing food together for more than 28 years! 

 Jon has a background of working with organic farms and commercial food processing. Four years ago, Jon changed his life and left his corporate work and has been happily farming the land since then.  Lorraine spent her early years walking across this great country, volunteering on farms, working with refugees, and the homeless before starting a family with Jon. We have deep appreciation for local, organically grown food and it has been a focal point of our families life for many years. 

The Land

We  have made our home here for 16 years, transforming the property into the farm it is now.  We planted the first gardens to feed our family and souls. The farm has evolved into  growing food for our home day care business and has slowly grown into an opportunity to feed and commune with our neighbors and local community.

Supporting cast

Blue Spring Farm was named after our daughter Sydney S born on the first day of spring & our son Zachary B born on a 'blue moon'. In addition to our children, there is Elvis a 150 LB English Mastif & Rosey a Australian/English Shephard mix.  f

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